Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stupid Talk Part II

Ahh, another tough day in court. Yea, I know I'm just a juror but I'm gonna use that line as long as I can!!!

All I can say is that I'm completely fascinated with the judicial process. I have a feeling that I look like I'm watching a tennis match while court is in session between directing my attention from the witness back to the lawyer. Again, I'm thankful to be in the jurors box and not on the witness stand.

The jurors have been spending quite a bit of time together waiting for the judge and lawyers to begin the court session. Mainly, I either try to read which is pretty difficult considering some people need to talk constantly or I just listen in amazement. I rarely say a word. Which for those of you that know me will find difficult to believe. It's true. Today while we were waiting, the conversation among the other jurors got on the subject of recycling. One of the jurors remarked "I don't believe in recycling." She claims she doesn't think it's sanitary because people put all kinds of things in cans and bottles. Oh no, please, not in a confined room, please no ridiculously ignorant people. Then another chimed in that the plastic water bottles and aluminum cans are broken down and reused, it's not the actual bottle or can that is reused. Really? Are you guys like rocket scientists???

Then another person says, "You know you aren't supposed to reuse the plastic bottles. The bacteria collects on the mouthpiece." What bacteria? Mine? The kind that's living in my mouth now? So, if I put what was in my mouth back in my mouth that's going to make me sick? Then, as I knew it would, they got on the subject that the plastic some how leeches into the water if you continue to use the same plastic bottle. I couldn't take any more. I said "That's not true." They kept going. I said "that's not true." And because they couldn't shut their mouths for more than a half second, no one heard me. Can't wait till it's deliberation time for this case. Should be interesting.


SnotSucker said...

Let me guess. All of them have college degrees in science too! It amazes me the thought processes of people and how most only hear what they want to hear. If they took a breath to listen, they might find the whole story and would actually understand what they are talking about!!!

NittanyBri said...

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
Author: Albert Einstein