Monday, August 27, 2007

Simply The Best

Around here, going to a restaurant, business or just driving around town you begin to notice these stickers or signs at businesses. As the sign indicates, Harrisburg Magazine takes a Readers' Poll to ask, based on set categories, what the Readers' think is the best.

This poll is an interesting way to find out about new restaurants and businesses in the area. But, one has to wonder exactly how accurate this readers' poll is. I mean, it's pretty easy to say what you favorite diner, Mexican restaurant and club is. But how many people can determine what is their favorite Pest Control, Paper Hanger, Architect, Funeral Director and Auctioneer? Apparently quite a few. I would have no way of determining what company would be considered my favorite for pest extermination.

Doesn't this readers' poll seem to point to simply name recognition? As if some of these categories aren't outrageous enough, they get even better. Readers were asked to name the best: Themed Fundraiser, Volunteer Organization, Accountant, Criminal Lawyer, Family Lawyer and Divorce Attorney. Do you think the people that responded actually used these services or are thinking "well I saw a commercial for these guys" or "I think I passed that listing in the phone book." You know, it's pretty much similar to the way people decide on who to vote for when election time rolls around.


InterstellarLass said...

Yeah, I've wondered about these things too. 'Best Backroom Coffee Shop' was one I saw once. I guess that's where the secret magic happens.

Bone said...

Yeah, a couple of our newspapers have similar things.

That auctioneer thing is all a sham. It's all about the special interest auction goers now.

As for pest control, I'd say if they sent over a cute female exterminator, I'd write them in :)