Saturday, October 06, 2007


Ya gotta love a good rivalry. When I went to school, our big rivalry was a school just down the road. I'm not sure why they were our rivals, we went to middle school with these kids and often the football team was pretty much a pushover. But, the name calling and pranks went on and apparently have continued. I found out today that the mascot costume (a ram) was recently stolen, perhaps by those darned panthers down the street at the rival high school. Not only was the costume stolen, they made a video depicting the rivalry.

It's somewhat amusing, however, the stealing of the mascot costume (which unfortunately constitutes a felony), and the apparent use of the school computers to make the video as well as the somewhat overtly sexual portrayals in the video have everyone's panties in a bunch.

Whatever happened to stealing each other's macots? Now it's a crime? The video is kinda funny, some things went a little too far, but at least they weren't out on the sidewak beating the crap out of each other. Have a sense of humor please!!

The video is below.


InterstellarLass said...

Oh my. Would have been funnier without all the sexual overtones, being that it does involve high schoolers. Pranks like this make high school memories. The whole 'felonizing' (not a word, I know) of mostly harmless pranks is sad. Live a little and lighten up!

mattandriver said...

High School pranks are part of High School. To be honest, I believe that rivalry is a good thing, even in this case. Competitiveness, a strong will, and thinking “outside the box” is what makes people successful in the real would. I believe that it is these kids that will most likely become caregivers of tomorrow’s society.

As for the legalities at hand… The legal system, pardon my French here, is F**KED anyway. Priorities have been misplaced long ago. Just the other day, I heard on the news that a man in his 60’s was convicted of sexually assaulting a pre-teen girl. He plea bargained, admitting to the crime in full, and only got 9 to 23 months in the county jail. WTF!!! Oh, but we’ll spend lots of tax dollars looking to a stolen ram costume during a high school prank.

Sorry for the rant!

Bone said...

I remember when I was in school, someone parked a car on the roof. They had to have a crane or something to get it up there. But it was so cool. It gave us all something to shoot for, prank-wise.