Thursday, October 04, 2007

Was That Really Necessary?

Happy Birthday to my sister Emily!

There's a link to a web page called Found Magazine to the right here. I guess it is actually a magazine where people send in things they find in books or on the street or in desk drawers. It's actually quite an interesting site. I did see a note on the sidewalk I could have sent in to Found Magazine while I was on my way to work the other day. I was going to pick it up and didn't. It said "Cheesy Handbags." Because if I were in the market for a handbag, I would certainly want it to be "cheesy."

When I go to work, even though it's in the city, I park in a residential area. Nice tree lined street, houses, small shops, etc. I got to my car yesterday afternoon and noticed there was a note stuck behind my windshield wiper. Thankfully it wasn't the fluorescent green color that indicates you have a parking ticket! I thought perhaps it was an advertisement or something. It wasn't. I think I should send it into Found Magazine.


MarkD60 said...

On my file cabinet, I have a sticker from someone who had wheel clamps put on their car. It is cool.
So, were you parked in two spots?


Carnealian said...

NO! I mean, on the street parking doesn't have designated spots so, parking is dependent upon who parks in front of and who parks behind you. You don't want to park yourself in. Someone just needed to be mean to someone.

InterstellarLass said...

Awwww! Poor you. What a mean person to leave an ugly note. I only wish the person who hit my car, most likely with a shopping card in some store parking lot, would have left ME a note with their info on it. Bastards.

Bone said...

I think you should definitely send it in.

At least you didn't get a "please wash me" note scribbled in the dust on your back window.