Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Only in Key West

So, I'm at the gym this afternoon and MSNBC is on the tube with the closed captioning running across the bottom. And I see that the reporter is in Key West and the rain is on the camera lens, the wind's blowing, some hurricane force. Then as I continue to read, I see that she says, "and there's a party like atmosphere here." And I'm thinking, I wonder where she's going with this? Well, she wasn't using an analogy, she was serious! They showed people sitting along the sea walls with their feet dangling over land waiting for these huge waves to knock them off. People were walking around the street with drinks (thank God the bars are still open!) She continued that those on the street ranged from your local homeless person (now that's a smart homeless person, warm winters!), to college students to those on vacation.

It seems that this hurricane isn't as ominous as those in the recent past, but all I can say is that only in Key West could a reporter actually say "there's a party-like atmosphere here."

Here's some pics from my first trip to Key West (don't ask me what year this was!):

Yep, that's a pig all right. Do you see the sign on the box he's standing on? It says "I BITE!" Yea, he bites!

Ernest Hemingway's house. Home to all the descendants of his polydactyl kitties!

And finally, Sloppy Joe's. Purportedly Hemingway's favorite hang out in Key West. It's one of mine too.
If you get there, also check out
The Hog's Breath. They have some kick-ass conch fritters there! Actually, any time, any day of the week it's possible to walk into a honky tonk or "conchy tonk" as Jimmy Buffet calls them and find live bands playing. Ya gotta love this town!


InterstellarLass said...

Uh, yeah. Those people are bright. Natural selection I think. Here in Texas we had to discontinue those 'Tornado parties'...people kept getting knocked out by the hail and blown half-way across the county.

Jim said...

Inter is correct -- people going to the seawall to drink and wait for the hurrican is good for the gene pool

Findley Labrador said...

Oh, HELL YES! I do love that town!

Bone said...

I wanna go!!!