Friday, October 14, 2005

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!

Recently Bone and Mattandriver blogged about their "projects," which I am always envious of. People do things they really have no idea how to do, but they do them and are successful at them. So, here's my project story.

I have been wanting shutters on the inside of my windows for quite some time now. I wasn't sure if I wanted natural ones or painted ones. So, I decided I'd just get the painted ones. Then I was nervous. Do I get someone to hang them for me to ensure they are done correctly or do I attempt it myself? So, I go to Lowe's and pick out the shutters and there are brief instructions on the back of the box. Seems simple enough.

So, tonight I'm "studying," but really what I was doing was pretending to read my homework but obsessing about the shutters that were in the trunk of my car. I put the books down, went out to my car and got the shutters. I take them out of the box, read the directions again (which is highly unusual behavior for me)...still seems pretty easy.

I get out the appropriate screwdrivers and begin the project. And guess what? In no time, I had lovely new shutters installed. I promptly removed the hideous mini-blinds that were there which I just could not wait to throw in the trash!

I already have material to make swags or something or other to cover the top half of the window. I will work on that. Once that is done, I will be more than happy to post my handy work. In the mean time, I'll be scheduling appointments for installation of shutters for all of you. Right now I'm pretty open, so get your appointments scheduled.

I'm such a stud. Maybe I should ask for a toolbelt for Christmas?


InterstellarLass said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you! Chicks Rock! We could be the 'Tool Time Twins'! ;P Watch out!

Coyote Mike said...

I got two tool belts, you two can come fix my shutters anytime ;)

mysrey said...

you are so butch! lol! see, you didn't need anyone to do it for you. way to go!

SnotSucker said...

Martha would be so damn proud!!!

Java Boo Boo said...

we need pix!!

MarkD60 said...

Wow, you read the instructions TWICE? and had no problems? I'd at least have had to re-do it once the first time! Good Job!