Monday, January 02, 2006

All Good Things...

It's 7:32 EST, and as the day is coming to a close so is my vacation. I really don't think I could be at home with not much to do for many more days. I need to be entertained in case no one has noticed that. I did start a book for my book club and am almost finished with it thanks to the grunge I had over the weekend. The book's The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch. It's a quick read and it get's a little sassy about half way kinda book!

Since when did the Tournament of Roses parade as well as the bowl games get moved to the day after New Years?? I'm sitting here watching Notre Dame get...wait, they just scored. OK and they just missed the field goal. Geez! They're still behind but there's lots of time to go. Bama pulled a nice win today in the Cotton Bowl, I know Bone and Mattandriver are happy about that!

Yay ND just scored again but oh, there's a flag, oh great! Darn! Incomplete pass. Figures!

So I got myself in gear today and went shopping with a friend. Then got some fun things for the house including some thingys (and yes, that's the technical term) to hold up my swags that my sister lovingly cut for me this weekend. My swag thingys are very groovy, I'll post a pic, there's no sense trying to explain even if you do know what a swag is.

I feel like I've gotten a spark of creativity back. For those creative souls out there, do you sometimes find that people you hang with can sometimes smother or maybe ignite the creative spark? Is it the outside forces changing the creative spark or is it you letting it get smothered by becoming preoccupied with these other people? I've often looked back on the most creative times in my life when I was drawing, painting, writing and try to figure out what I was doing at that point that motivated me and I've still not figured it out. Anyway, I'm going to try to keep moving forward with this creative mood and see where it takes me.

OK, couldn't's the swag thingy pics...I know you were dying to see! Oh yea, and the shutters from the Martha moment I had a few months ago.


rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

good to hear, i have been blown away by some of the stuff i have found you doing, what a group you hang with. being no guru, all i can say is don't think. don't deconstruct, just write. trust me from what i have seen it will be killer. then we can work on you ignoring praise. go lady.

Coyote Mike said...

i don't know how or when creativity sparks itself. Thats why it takes some people years to write a novel, while others churn out one a month or so.

Carnealian said...

Oh Rev, you're making me blush. I thought Fin convinced you she and I are not the same person? She's the one with the wicked

Thanks Mike, guess I've got nothing but time anyway.

InterstellarLass said...

Very pretty swag! I think the parade and college games were moved to Monday, since New Year's Day was a Sunday, and there were so many NFL games.

I wish I were as creative as you! I love your new profile pic. That blue orb is gorgeous...and I mean your eyes. So is the one in the window. :P

Carnealian said...

Thanks Lass! That orb (in the window) is my witch ball. It keeps the evil spirits away. I wish I had a wonderful man like you! ;)

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

smartass, will you get that lady a blog so she can launch towards my site from her own place? this is so confusing. bkjgsgdjfizbit!

oh are you into glass too? nice one on the sill there.

Bone said...

Well, I don't consider myself creative, but certain people seem to really inspire me to write. Like there's so much running thru my head that I can't get it down fast enough.

Sorry 'bout ND. For sure happy about Bama.

Carnealian said...

Rev, I have repeatedly asked Fin to ghost write on my blog if she doesn't want to get her own right now. She's just being coy. She'll get there.