Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday Thurteen!

Thirteen Things about Carney
1. Happy Thursday! Thursday came quickly this week since I had off work on Monday.
2. I have to take Lester, a.k.a. Mr. Kitzer to the vet today so he can have blood work done. He's usually pretty good at the vet, he doesn't need to go in a carrier I can just put him on a leash. The problems usually start when the staff tries to pet him.
3. I'm feeling better but still have a pretty good hack going on. I'm sure everyone that sits around me at work wants to choke me by the end of the day.
4. The blog world will collide in a small way this weekend. Three of your favorite bloggers,
Mattandriver, Dorman and yours truly will be going out to celebrate Dean's homecoming and Mattandrivers birthday.
5. We will be celebrating Dean's homecoming IF he truly does get home this weekend. Seems some branches of our armed forces aren't as adept in shuffling paperwork as others!
6. I actually heard birds chirping this morning when I was walking in to work. Either I've not been paying attention or the birds were up early and enjoying the slightly warmer temps this morning.
7. While I was at the grocery store last night, I walked down the dish washing/laundry detergent aisle where there was another couple shopping. I had the distinct feeling that I was going to get my a$$ kicked within the next minute or so by the young lady (if she had been paying attention) because her boyfriend kept staring at me. Guys...if you're gonna check out a girl while you are with your girlfriend, be a little discrete, please?!?
8. Guys if you need tips on how to check someone out on the sly, ask your girlfriend or wife. I think we've gotten it down to a fine art!
9. This weekend starts the annual
Pennsylvania Farm Show. It is the largest indoor agricultural event in the United States. This is the 90th year for it and ever since I was a kid have always loved to go see, well actually pet all the animals. This is traditionally a popular thing for families to do, because it's free. However, parking is a nightmare.
10. They now have satellite parking lots where a bus will wind you through the grounds of the PA State Hospital. If you've ever seen the movie
Girl Interrupted, much of that movie was filmed in the Harrisburg area including the State Hospital.
11. Farmers from all over the state bring their animals, there is judging on many different levels, the 4H kids show their animals and agricultural products.
12. Aside from petting all the cute animals, the next best thing is the
food. The Farm Show is known for their baked potatoes which really aren't any different than any other potato but are served slathered in a pound of butter. What isn't better with a pound of butter?? Then there's the milkshakes. I don't know what makes them better, but they just are.
13. Other things you can see at the Farm Show include the butter sculpture, the sheep to shawl competition (one of my personal favorites), and square dancing. The square dancing is often televised on a local cable access channel. Ah, there's nothing like seeing rotund women in loud colored, crinoline skirts that make them look shorter and even wider.

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Bone said...

I dated a girl once. Was very much in love, so I really never looked at/thought of anyone else. One day she mentioned how, "You never look at other girls."

From that point on, I started noticing other girls. Yada yada yada. We broke up.

SnotSucker said...

#4. Been "home" the last two weekends in the hopes that Dorman would be home. Now I will be packing for Jamaica...instead of hanging with the three of you. I'm going to try and make it out the weekend of the 20th. Enjoy and have some drinks for me. WE ARE........(hehehehe) :)

InterstellarLass said...

Oh man! I am so jealous about #4! Have a beer or three for me. And congrats on #7. It always feels nice to be looked at. I loved Girl Interrupted. Great movie.

Here's my 13 for today!

Carnealian said...

Bone, "I really never looked at/thought of anyone else." I think that's how it should be. But realistically, it's not.

Snot, have no fear! I'm sure there will still be plenty of partying going on when you get home. We will need to see pics and gifts from the island are always welcome. I have a fridge full of Red Stripe, so when you get a hankering after you return. Congrats on your win...she says through clenched jaw. ;)

Lass, I'll have several beers for you! Yes, it's good to be looked at, but he was not my type...would have been even nicer had he been...oh, Vince Vaughn or Joaquin Phoenix!!

Bone said...

Hey, I T-13'd this week... by the way :-)

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

was it the drool on his chin?

Coyote Mike said...

I spent the day working calves. They aren't so cute when the poop on you, just because you are putting an industrial rubber band around their nads so they will be a steer instead of a bull.

mattandriver said...


michaelm said...

I once played a gig at the Big E in Springfield, MA.
I remember being set up right near all the horses.
I can't seem to forget, for the life of me, the vicious stench of the omnipresent horse biscuits. Eeeewww....