Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Internal Retard Service

Today I had to call the IRS. Something that, if you have to do it, you dread it. I had a question, and I don't want to pay some ridiculous amount of money for some numbers geek to figure them out for me in record time.

So, I got through to the first operator relatively easily. She was pleasant and forwarded my call to the next person who was also very nice and willing to answer my (probably) silly question. There was a futher question that I had and thusly had to be forwarded to yet one other person. It seems they may have a quota of only being able to answer one question per call.

The next person I was connected to was IRS employee number 7511743 as he introduced himself. First, it was apparent, he only spoke one dialect of English and that was Ebonics. Second thing was that he made it a point to say that he just asked me a question which I didn't respond to. OK, that began to annoy me a little. I rephrased my question which he finally understood and he made it sound like I asked him for the color of the sky.

Apparently the IRS doesn't much care if their "customer service" folk actually provide good customer service. I guess they figure we're going to have to give them repeat business whether we like it or not, whether they treat people like crap or not, or whether they have complete illiterate retards answering the questions from the general public.

To boot, by my calculations, I owe the IRS over $1,000.00 this year. That cannot be right. However, my calculations have been known to be wrong in the past. Maybe I should get the calculator out again.


michaelm said...

Hey C-

I've heard that if you turn out to be too big of an asshole while working for the RMV, they ship you right over to the IRS. I think there's an acutal series of underground tunnels that connect the buildings.
It's possible, right? ;)


Fin said...

He-Haw! Too much...reminds me of a co-worker from back in my Customer Service days...let's call her Laurie, she told someone she had on the phone they would need to call back later cuz she had to go to the bathroom! What a professional!
Looks like my word verification may be an IRS term...hmmm...

Barry S. said...

Customer service is at an all-time low if you ask me. People everywhere are assholes!

Granted, there are some a-holes on both ends of the phone, but I really think the nice people (like you) get the shaft. Phone and credit card companies are the worst.

Good luck fighting the IRS!!!

Coyote Mike said...

I wish there were some way to get out of paying taxes when you actually, really, and truly object to how that money would be spent.