Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Adventure

Last week I went to talk to my advisor about scheduling a full semester of classes beginning this fall. Yikes! 5-6 classes all day Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I want to do it. If I do it, it'll take me about a year till I graduate. One, short, year! It's scary though, I've never gone to school full time. I've always worked full time, gone to school part time. Scary has become my middle name of late. I'm ready for the challenge!

Most of the classes I have yet to take are electives with the exception of the dreaded science class. I'll have to pick from the lesser of the evils out of Bio, Chem, and Physics. Is there any one that's less mathy than the other? Oh, and I'm not disecting anything. I do know one of the chem prof's so maybe I should take his class because he won't seem as scary to me since I know him.

My advisor has also been instrumental in getting my sculpture classes most recent project put on display in one of the campus buildings. She told me how pleased she was with the results from the class project and took her recommendation to the President of the college. So, it's a pretty big deal, I'm thrilled to be a part of it! I also brought my sculpture home to work on again. If it's going to be on display, it's gotta be as good as it can be!

I promise I will have pics of all these pieces probably when the semester is over.


michaelm said...

I envy you.
I went back to school several years ago and boy, I loved it.
3.8 GPA and all. Too bad I couldn't pull those grades in High School.
One, short year?
Try one intense year...
I wish you well.


Findley said...

This is your time!