Monday, December 18, 2006

Mmmmm Food!

It has become quite apparent over the last several days that I have no concept of what day it really is. I have no idea when Christmas is either. I mean I know it's on the 25th but is that next week?!?

Over the holidays I've been working at a store that sells books and CD's and has been completely swamped with customers. This past Saturday was the worst I had seen it. And it was on Saturday that my lack of interest as to when exactly Christmas falls this year resulted in the uptight "older" customer to shriek at me "What day do you celebrate Christmas?!?" Surprisingly, I just left her make a complete fool of herself because the customer standing next to her remarked "Old people suck." Thank you dear customer whoever you were!

I've been trying to coordinate with my sister what kind of food we will be making for the holidays. This year I decided it would be nice to have a big meal on Christmas Eve and have a brunch on Christmas Day. So, we'll have the traditional fare on Christmas Eve consisting of stuffing, sweet potatoes with mini-marshmellows, cranberry salad, and some form of roast beast. I'm hoping my sister takes on all those dishes (hint, hint) so I can make the following:
Cheesy Spinach Squares
Fiesta Rolls (tortillas with cream cheese and hot peppers)
Texas Caviar (chick peas, corn, black eyed peas marinated in vinegar and sugar...delish!! It's Nitannybri's favorite!)
Spinach Dip (you know the kind that comes in a bread bowl)
Frittata of some sort
And maybe either my sticky buns or Michael from Smoke and Mirrors famous French Toast Casserole.
We'll also need lots of champagne for Mimosa's!

And, since I have no concept of time lately, I guess I better get to the grocery store for all this stuff!


Jim said...

we always have meatballs and spaghetti on Christmas Eve, and then fresh shrimp and cheeses after we open presents.

mtdid <-- who did? MT did!

Carnealian said...

Oh yea! Thanks Jim! I need to get this recipe for meatballs and grape jelly and some other stuff and you throw it in a crock pot. Thanks for the reminder....and your dinner sounds wunderbar!!

NittanyBri said...

Yes, meatballs, definitely need meatballs. Can't have anyone's penis falling off, form eating a meatless meal, can we???

InterstellarLass said...

Yep! I'm making my shopping list right now! Plus I have more cookies to make!

michaelm said...

People have such a tough time chilling out this time of year.
And old people? I'm with the customer they do suck (most of the time)
The food sounds great and yes, get some champagne because Mimosa's sound pretty good. Oh, and pick yourself up a calendar so you at least know what days it is and don't freak out another customer. {Not!}

Merry Christmas, Carn.

MarkD60 said...

Hard to beleive that it's only a few days away.!