Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Under Pressure

For those that know me know I do not like this time of year for various reasons two of those reasons are that it gets dark too early, and it's cold.

However, this time of the year brings some good things too. First and foremost, it's the last week of classes, end of the semester, fini, ende, kaput! I did my presentation last night from my independent study so that is all done. Thanks Nittanybri and Dean for being there for me! The rest of my audience was made up of three Art professors...no pressure!

Tomorrow I hand in one of my last Ethics papers. Friday is my final in Sociology. That leaves next week which is finals week. I will only have one final next week in Art History and I have the final Ethics paper to turn in. Then I'm really done. This week will be the most difficult. But it's already Tuesday!!


NittanyBri said...

You're welcome!!! Happy Tuesday to you!

InterstellarLass said...

I'm sure you did a fantastic job! Well done.

Jim said...

what's your ethics paper about?

Carnealian said...

Jim, this ethics class was based on several philosophers writings...Nietzsche, Mill, Aristotle, Kant, Augustine. I have had to write papers using these authors as "filters". I chose to write about the use of graphic images in the media. How the media uses images to sway the public, exploit people, and make tons of money selling their publications at the expense of others.

Coyote Mike said...

Yay on end of classes. There should always be an end to classes. It makes everyone feel happy when they are over.

HUGZEZ and ummmm Tequila!!!