Monday, December 04, 2006

My Debut

Tonight I am going to be doing a presentation at school based on my semester-long study of the concepts of the female and notions of power in African art.

I created my Power Point presentation, put flyers around at school, emails were sent out to potentially interested individuals. I wasn't nervous till now. I shouldn't be nervous. I'm used to getting up in front of people and talking. There will be professors there from the art/art history department, my advisor-the most intelligent woman I know. ACK!

I will have my cheering section with me....Nittanybri and Dean. Thanks guys!!


Bone said...

Perhaps someone could video it, then youtube it. That'd be great :)

Good luck.

Carnealian said...

Geez Bone, that's great idea. Nothing like compounding the nervousness by adding a video camera!! ;) Thanks for the well wishes!