Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Arctic Freeze

It is downright freezing here. I don't remember the weather being this cold in quite a long time. With the wind chill, the temp is down into the single digits if not lower.

Yesterday when I was walking to class, the wind was in my face (not at my back like the Irish Blessing hopes for) and made my sinuses ache like when you get a brain freeze from eating or drinking something too quickly. It was horrible. I'm sure my sinuses are dried up little raisins and a sinus infection is imminent. And there just isn't enough lotion in the world to moisturize my skin. I think a week in the Caymans with my skin slathered in oil should do the trick. The air is so dry that the hair on Jasmine's ears stands out straight. Well, that is if they aren't full of water or cat litter (ew!)

Yesterday we started week four of school, the semester is moving along very quickly. A sure sign of that was that I got to buy my cap and gown yesterday. Complete with the colorful "hood". I've always wanted to wear one of those.


MarkD60 said...

Here its a good time of year, the suns nice and hot, and the breeze is nice and its cool in the shade

Bone said...

But most importantly, is there any snow? ;-)

Stay warm, Carnealian.

InterstellarLass said...

Brrr! Coldest it's been here is upper teens I think, and that's at night. My gas bill is sure to be high this month again! Stay warm! My mom has really dry skin too, and she uses this stuff called "Udder Cream". Supposedly it is for moisturizing the cow udders when milking. But she swears by it. They sell it at Tarjay here.