Thursday, February 22, 2007

Illegal Aliens

Lately I've not heard too much about the illeagal immigrant issues in the United States, but with Anna Nicole dying and the new season of American Idol, I can see how there's no room on the front page to talk about this issue.

I was recently reminded that this is a huge issue for some politicians at least here in PA. Mayor Lou Barletta of the city of Hazleton, which is north of Harrisburg, is one person that isn't tolerating illegal's in his city. I think most people would agree, that if you are from another country and your here illegally, you should be sent home, punished. Then there is the issue of employers employing illegal immigrants and landlords who house illegal immigrants perhaps unknowingly. So, what do we do? The mayor of Hazleton has pioneered the way of resolving this issue and has gotten city council backing with what is called Illegal Immigration Relief Act. He has enacted a plan that would revoke the licenses of business owners that hire illegal aliens and fine landlords that house illegals. He and city council also voted that English would be the official language of Hazleton meaning all city documents would be in English. (This part gripes me a little. What language should it be in?)

While I hear most people say that illegals shouldn't be in this country and should be sent back to where they came from, what I don't hear is what the naysayers think should be done about it. The mayor of Hazleton has taken some abuse about these new rules and has even been called a Nazi. It's always amusing to me to hear people backing a guy like Mayor Barletta but when asked if they would uphold new policies like this, they become shrinking violets and claim these new rules are too harsh.

What do you think? Has he gone too far? Would you like to see policies like these enacted in your city?


InterstellarLass said...

My opinion hasn't changed. If they're not here legally, they should be sent back home. I shouldn't have to push 1 for English when I call a customer service center. English should be automatic. Bank of America shouldn't be giving credit cards to illegals. I think by enforcing existing immigration laws and adding some bite to those laws, we'd do much better. Employers that hire illegals should be fined. Our last 'amnesty' agreement just made it worse for us. Doing so a second time would be a grave mistake. And I'd also like to start sending medical bills to the government of Mexico. I'd also vote for a change to US citizenship law, requiring at least one parent to be a citizen, removing the allure of having an 'anchor baby'. Nick's mom saw more mothers with babies crowning, while the moms walked over from Mexico, waiting through labor until the moment they knew they couldn't be turned away.

I feel for them. I'm sorry their governments don't do better for them. But it's not our responsibility to provide an opportunities for the entire world. There's a fair and legal way to enter. Use it. Sorry you'll have to wait, but that's the way it works.

mattandriver said...

I’m on the fence on this issue. I don’t want to see a bunch of Mexicans come in and raise the crime rate 400%. Living this so called ‘American Dream’ does not include sitting back waiting for a welfare check. Basically it means you are given the opportunity to work hard in our society, busting your ass to make ends meet, trying to be one of the few percent of people who are at the right place at the right time to make it big! Having said that:

“I shouldn't have to push 1 for English when I call a customer service center.”

I can’t completely agree with that. There are some fine people here in our country that can speak English, but can understand Spanish better, making their transaction easier for them.

Our nation was built on the idea of unity among indifference. Most other countries have history dating back thousands of years. None of you need a history lesson to recall what happened to the indigenous people of this, so called Super Power of a Nation. Us Americans are so quick to point out what we are today, yet we forget to compare history. Where did your ancestors come from, Germany, Japan, France, Italy? If you would go to these places you would find history that dates back thousands of years. Our history dates back just over a few hundred and is built on lies and deception.

My point is this: If this world takes a shit, we all die together, regardless. We do not, as a nation, live on holy ground. Everything we are today has been built on a unity of different peoples, working together for a common goal.

Bone said...

I've heard many policies talked about and proposed. But I think there are just too many influential people who don't want to do anything about it, whether they're benefitting from the cheap labor or whatever the case may be.

NittanyBri said...

My ancestors immigrated LEGALLY from Ireland, England, France and Germany. Why can't immigrants come here legally, now?

michaelm said...

I think that in many ways this issue is so far reaching into society that it's going to be a tough hill to climb. I'm with Lass regarding customer services in English.
I'm also on the side that says 'if you're here illegally, you're gone.
The stretching of the welfare, educational and healthcare systems is almost beyond repair.
No easy answers here and even tougher questions.
Barletta has some stones.