Friday, February 09, 2007

Boycot Exxon

I've been taking an Environmental Science class this semester which often leaves me angry and fearful for the future of the planet.

This past week we were discussing the recent news release that scientists have determined that global warming is due to human activity. Duh! I think we all knew that. The plus side is we can certainly slow the process down, the down side is that it can never be reversed, that is unless someone knows how to make ozone. That's way out of my league.

The other disturbing thing we talked about is that it was reported recently that a thinktank funded by Exxon tried to pay off scientists so they would say global warming was a farce. Ironically, this little tidbit of information was released the same day Exxon reported its 5 billion dollar profit for 2006-a good reason to never buy their products. As if we needed yet one more reason.


InterstellarLass said...

There are certain commodities such as energy that should be heavily regulated. They have too much of an impact on the economy to let them run rampant.

mattandriver said...

Not to be smart but I make Ozone every day at work, or at least I direct other people to. Here’s a link I pulled from google real quick for a simplistic example.

As for Boycotting Exxon, I can’t jump on that bandwagon. I owe my paycheck to those boys for the next year or so.

MarkD60 said...

Here we only have Texaco and Esso. Esso either owns or is owned by Exxon. When I lived in the US I DID boycott Exxon for years, but here they're better than Texaco so I don't use Texaco. Funny thing is, the terminals for both Texaco and Esso are right next to each other, and one ship pulls up and, (I think), fills both company's fuel storage tanks.

We need more nuclear power!

coyotemike said...

Somewhere, I have (or had) a bumpersticker about exposing exxon, but it might have gone away when I was cleaning. Such is the fate of stuff in boxes.