Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday

Is anyone excited about the Super Bowl this year? Me neither. But, I'll never pass up the opportunity to have a nosh with friends and family. That's just what we're doing. I made some yummy vegeterian chili and veggie pizza (you know the stuff with the cresent rolls for a crust?), my sister's bringing some veggies (seeing a theme here?) and a cheese ball. NittanyBri is out there sweating over the stove as I write this making some Swedish Meatballs...the real deal, no fake meat!

There will also be somewhat of a birthday party since it is someone's birthday tomorrow!

My sister is bringing her dog Daisy today too. I've been telling Jasmine all week that she's going to have a play buddy. We'll see. Daisy is a "soul sister" too just like Adeline and Jasmine. Maybe, if all the planets are aligned, we can get a picture.

Norwich Univ. hockey game is going to be televised today on ESPN. My nephew doesn't play hockey, but it'll be fun to watch!!

Did you see where Chewbacca got arrested??

Snuggle up on the couch with some of you favorite munchies and remain there for as long as you like! Go ahead, you're allowed!!


MarkD60 said...

I have $6 bet on the superbowl. Colts.
I am so

Bone said...

Yeah, I wasn't too excited either. But, it's the Super Bowl, you gotta eat and watch :)