Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dutchland Rollers

When I was a kid I remember watching roller derby on t.v. There was tripping, pushing, shoving, falling, elbowing and hair pulling during a bout. I don't quite remember what I thought about it then, but it sure sounds like fun now!!

NittanyBri's sister and cousin skate for the Dutchland Rollers which is a ladies (and I use that term loosely) roller derby which has had a resurgence around here. I will be going to my first bout, just as a spectator, on April 21. I've seen the bumps and bruises, I think it's going to be fun! I love the artwork on this poster, don't you?

For those of you not familiar with Rumspringa, it is part of the Amish culture which allows the teens to be free from the rules of the church. This allows them to become informed adults about the good, bad and the ugly outside the Amish way of life. They are permitted to drink, smoke, dance, stay out all night and yes, have sex. At the end of Rumspringa, they decide whether they want to return to the Amish way of life or be shunned by their family and be part of the "English" (that's you and me.) You may be thinking who would want to return to a life of buggy's and no electricity? Surprisingly, the drop out rate from the Amish way of life is very low.


Anna Dee Olson, Authorpreneur said...

I guess I should purchase the book you are talking about it and read it. It would be interesting for me to know exactly what it says.

I grew up Amish and I never had the an okay from my parents to do these activities. Although I grew up in the midwest and every Amish community is different as far as rules so maybe this was more common in the eastern states.

For more info on Midwestern Amish visit


coyotemike said...

I remember watching a show called "Amish in the City" that was all about that year of Rums . . . whatever it was. They lived in LA with a group of what seemed to be clubkids. Oooh, the antics.