Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Non-Weekend Update

It's hard to imagine when my professors say things like our final projects are due "next week." The end of the semester is approaching so quickly. I actually think I may need my head examined. I was on line yesterday looking at grad schools and I don't think I ever want to have a serious, full time job ever again. I'm having too much fun!

This weekend is Dean's first art show. I can't wait to see what he's done with his photographs. If you've never seen them for your self check out his blog. He and I will be in an art show together at the beginning of May in New Cumberland, PA.

Can't wait to see tonights American Idol, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sanjaya gets the boot finally. The jokes over, no more voting for him to keep him on the show. I think Simon may hurt him if he stays on much longer.

Beach trip numero uno is being planned. It's an early one this year for a friends 50th birthday. I wouldn't want to miss a party of that magnitude!! It will be celebrated in several states and cities and locations. One celebration location will be here. This place is so much fun, everyone should go at least once!

I seriously need to get working on my flower beds and yard. It's looking kinda crappy. I wish the weather would give me a break and get sunny and warm...for many reasons. My neighbors have mowed their lawn for the first time already. That just makes my lawn look even worse. Thanks neighbors!

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InterstellarLass said...

I thought about watching Idol this season, but that Sanjaya guy stopped me cold. I knew it wasn't truly based on talen. I think they're keeping him on for the controversy...otherwise it'd be a boring season.