Friday, April 20, 2007

One Smart Cookie

I had commented recently on Bone's blog that NittanyBri had made his own TiVo or DVR type thingy. Bone had asked for the details which I am not qualified to give. It consists of a black box with lights and buttons and an antenna. There's a keyboard and mouse involved, and is why I think it may be nuclear weaponry but I'm not completely sure. To record a program, a Windows screen comes up on the t.v. From that point, I have no clue.

The homemade TiVo came in handy recently as I had a little bit of a scare when I went to turn on the laptop and nothing happened. No biggie at first till I began to think of all the papers I had saved on that hard drive that were going to be due in the next couple of weeks. My half hour drive to school in the morning consisted of me coming up with the worst case scenarios of rewritting from scratch the papers I could no longer access on the laptop.

I contacted my own personal help desk who was able to calm my fears. Later that night, out came the screwdrivers and gadetry and the laptop was disassembled, removed the hard drive and hooked it up to the "nuclear weaponry" which copied my papers from the laptop hard drive to my iPod. Whew!! I'm relieved! NittanyBri saved the day!

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InterstellarLass said...

Oh it's good to have a handy-man. Saving the day! Hope you gave him a big reward. ;)