Friday, April 27, 2007

I often don't think about age, other peoples or my own. I don't really think I look or act like a 40 year old, though sometimes in my classes my age becomes apparent, at least to me. Most of my days are spent in class rooms with twenty-somethings whose favorite word is "like." I find myself counting the number of times people say the word "like" in their presentations. Yesterday's count was only 12 in 5 minutes. I think that may be the smallest amount ever recorded. It may be true that I could be the oldest person in my graduating class, but I'm not sure about that. I don't really want to know. Just in case you thought I've forgotten, I have exactly 15 days till graduation. I'm finishing up all my writing projects today. I have one final test tomorrow, two presentations on Tuesday and a final the following week. After next Tuesday I'm home free!!!

I bet the lady I read about today feels the same way. I read today about Nola Ochs who lives in Hays, Kansas and will be 95 years old when she receives her college diploma on May 12 from Fort Hays State University. This lady actually moved from her farm to an apartment on campus to finish her final 30 hours of classes. I bet she was a hit at the frat parties too!!!
Class of 2007 ROCKS!!


NittanyBri said...

Now it's only 14 days! WOO!!!

Bone said...

Oh yeah, you run into a 95-year-old at a toga party, plant yourself there. And let the hilarity ensue.

Congrats, btw. I'm so excited for you!

InterstellarLass said...

Excellent! Two weeks and counting! I'll be partying there with you in spirit!