Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Leonardo Was More Than a Ninja Turtle

I caught a bit of a program last night on the Hitler, I mean History Channel. In this program they were trying to convince the viewer that not only is Leonardo DaVinci an artist, painter and scientist but he was also responsible for the Shroud of Turin.

This program claimed that not only is the image in the shroud not that of Jesus Christ but is the image of Leonardo himself. Many universities have done extensive testing on how Leonardo created the shroud using his likeness. They have compared images of Leonardo to that of the Shroud as well as hired an historical photographer to recreate the Shroud as Leonardo would have done. If all this is true about him, that's one amazing man!

However, I think we have one man to thank for this frenzy and that is Dan Brown. I don't think he realized what kind of monster he would create with this whole DaVinci Code phenomenon. In the recent months I have seen more stories on The Masons, (which makes me wonder what my dad was really up to when he went to Masonic meetings), Knights of Templar, Gnostic Gospels, etc. And now I've even seen that there is an author that has written a book that indicates Jesus asked Judas to betray him.

Are there too many conspiracy theories going on around here? Have we finally decided to let the lone gunman theory go and let JFK rest? Now we've moved on to Biblical conspiracies as well as continuing to go on and on about Princess Diana's death.


Michael said...


Religious controversy has always aroused passionate arguments simply because we want to believe what we were taught. The DaVinci "shroud" angle is fascinating. DaVinci was smart enough to figure something like that out. The time periods seem too messed up for my small brain, though...


Coyote Mike said...

It think its kinda funny. Its like bear-baiting, but with fundy Christians instead. Just mention it and watch them go up in angry flames. Then wander away after tossing the fact of "It was only a frikkin novel" over your shoulder.

Tis fun :D

MarkD60 said...

too deep for me!

Bone said...

Da Vinci. That means, from Vinci. Right?