Sunday, April 23, 2006

OK You Asked for It

The comments on the last post have provoked this post. Are boobs really that important?? I mean say a girl is hot, really hot, but doesn't have a whole lot of boob action going on, then what?

And that being said, brings me to the point that it's really not fair that men (or women) can get a pretty good idea of what's going on in the boob area simply by how a woman looks any day of the week. Unless she really has a push-em-up-squish-em-up-bra on.

And what about fake boobs? I mean to another woman, they are just ridiculous looking.

Us girls on the other hand don't get any kind of sneak peek until "the moment of truth" and then what do we say? "Um, I just remembered I have to organize my sock drawer." No, we're stuck.

See, it's a guys world.


Michael said...

Boob jobs are ridiculous and odd looking.
And anything bigger than my head is kind of scary.
I will go on record as saying "flatsies" never did anything for me personally. Just my taste, I guess.
I'll close by sticking up for us "little" guys and saying, "it's not size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean."
Not that I' know... ;)


Barry S. said...

Fake boobs are indeed ridiculous looking a lot of the time. Their size isn't too big a deal to me, either.

Viva au natural!

Jim said...

I think it's an age thing. When a guy's 18, boob job or not they're a turn on, falsies are a turn on, two knots in an oak tree a turn on -- when you get a little older, beauty is the turn on, and by beauty I mean a woman who keeps herself nice -- the best rule is "if you don't care about yourself, don't expect anyone else to care about you" --

as for knowing what a guy has, if you can't tell just by looking then you'll probably be disappointed, since men stopped wearing kruschev-suits if you got more than average it's pretty hard to hide

InterstellarLass said...

Yeah, any girl that's a size 0 with more than a B-cup has obviously had work. Of course, if she's a size 0, she should be shot on sight just on principle.

Only once did I ever have the "Ummm, are you sure?" feeling in the middle of action. I've been lucky.

Meagan said...

This is my first-ever visit to your blog and so happy to comment on this post!! I personally think boobs are ridiculous, funny-looking, and a waste of space and am pissed off every time I have to spend money on bras. And no, I'm not a tomboy. :-) Now I'll go read the comments that inspired you to ask this...

love meagan

Coyote Mike said...

I would break up with a girl if she went to get fake boobs (unless she had her real ones removed because of breast cancer). I've touched big ones, small ones, medium ones, and gigantic ones. Nearly all have been nice to look at and touch. I'm not a fan of the oversized boobs, and have told a friend of mine that if I ever get rich, I'm buying her a reduction surgery.

What I don't get is how breasts are still considered illegal in so many places in the US.

But I want to be with a woman. Not with a pair of tits with a body attached.

Jay said...

Hehe. Stuck. So true. And so ridiculous.

I'm not much of a boob person. I could live without them.

InterstellarLass said...

See! An even better reason not to get a boob job!

Anonymous said...

It's no surprise that boobs are often the first thing that a man notices about a woman, unless of course he's looking at her ass.

Boobs are like a magnet, we're drawn to them. We can't take our eyes off them. It's not our fault.
The male optic nerve is connected directly to the libido. What the eyes like, the body wants.

That's where fake boobs come in. Women can make arguments about self-esteem all day. But the real reason is to be more appealing to men. To get noticed. Fake boobs accomplish this.

But once the top comes off, it's disappointing. They look like glued on softballs, feel about the same too. I would much rather be with a small breasted woman, than a woman with an after market front end. But when it comes right down to it, if a woman wants to sleep with you it's rude to say no, regardless.

Personally, I prefer bigger breast. A girl I once dated hit me when she made a comment about Tawny Kitaen’s big boobs, and without thinking I replied "those aren’t big". Ouch.

A female friend of mine claims that she can tell what a man has to offer based on how he carries himself. His confidence, the way he walks. An assuredness.

"That's a myth about size. You know what women say..."


Dorman said...

must have at least a B cup, firm. nothing worse than SMALL flabby boobs. Can't even get interested in fakies.....

heyynow said...

Hi all!

I have something to say...Yes, Carn...I'm here! And, I've just finished oh...3 - 4 W&D's...LOL

Dorman...What is wrong with small and saggy breasts??? I mean in my prime they were spectacular - and real (ask my husband). I pushed a "puppy" (aka my son)out and then...WHAM-O... saggage! Can you blame me for wanting to have a child? You should respect the fact that I (or some respectable women like me) will NEVER EVER go to silicon valley. Saggy? YES! Real? YES! Sensative? YES! Able to produce "you know what" with a single touch or lick...YES!!! Why then...WHY!?!? Do they have to be firm, hard and a full C or D to impress?!?! Answer me that!?!?

Just so you know...Not angry, just trying to make a point and stir up some additional conversation and controversy...PEACE OUT and all that!

Bone said...

I never knew girls noticed such things until fairly recently. A girl I was with said something along the lines of "Those jeans really show off your package."

I guess that's good?

Oh, no fake boobs. Yuck.