Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Old Ball Game

Whether you love him or hate him, believe he's guilty or not, should fans be allowed to throw syringes on to the playing field during a baseball game??

Like so many other players before him, I'm sure Bonds isn't completely telling the truth which doesn't portray our athletic heros in such a good light. They are not the role models they once were.

Neither are the fans. It seems people don't just go to the ballpark anymore to have an enjoyable afternoon with family or friends. It's like the players are there to do a service for the folks that paid sometimes large amounts of money for prized seats right behind home plate.

Who doesn't remember the name Steve Bartman? This poor guy became quite well known for that Chicago Cubs foul ball incident. The guy probably thought he was going to be lynched for that move.

The list of fan interference goes on and on and incidents seem to be increasing as the years go by. Now it's possible for people to bring in such potentially dangerous items as syringes so they can make complete idiots out of themselves in order to make a point.

The way I see it, in a couple of years, the baseball diamond will be shielded by 10 foot high plexiglass similar to a hockey game so that fans can no longer snag a foul ball or throw objects on to the field. Whatever happened to the days when the biggest fan interference was a woman running on to the field to steal a hug and a kiss from her favorite baseball player?


InterstellarLass said...

I agree. But it's not just baseball fans. It's any sport, or anything. It's the sense of entitlement that people have these days. Everyone is owed something.

Coyote Mike said...

I miss the days of streaking.

Maybe not a 10 foot tall wall, but a buffer zone around the outside of the field, with guards.

But what do we expect when a simple kids ball game ends up with parents being arrested for fighting?

SnotSucker said...

Soon because of the actions of a few bad apples, strip searches will be required at the ballpark next to the plexiglass walls.
I used to be a huge baseball fan until the strike in '94. Sadly, it's no longer about 'the game' and good clean entertainment. Just like everything else in our society, it has become about $$ and as IL says, entitlement...both on the part of the spectator and player.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

i agree with lass, a bunch of things went in the toilet a long time ago.

Bone said...

That's odd. I mentioned syringe in my post today, too :)

michaelm said...

We entered the "end of the innocence" phase many years ago. It just sort of happened. With the escalating salaries and numerous sophmoric hissyfits on and off the field, pro sports seems almost destined for the front pages of the National Enquirer. Right next to a (once again pregnant)Britany Spears.
Oh, I forgot. She wants to adopt a child she can abandon in 2 years...


MarkD60 said...

In American football, hardly a game ever goes by without the refs making some obscenely bad call and changing the outcome of the game.
You're right, someday the fans will have no access. Metal detectors and searches.

Secretary Michael Chertoff said...

You appear to be a good loyal American. Please continue to live in fear. Thank you for your support.