Monday, May 22, 2006

Going Greek

This past weekend is often one of my favorites. The local Greek Orthodox Church holds a three day festival which of course includes tons of food, music, dancing, etc.

The weather didn't cooperate, but that seemed to keep the crowds down, at least while I was there. A first timer accompanied me to the festival this year who thought it was strange that I was developing a plan of attack, almost requiring us to synchronize watches, and to split up in order to get all the food we wanted in the least amount of time. But all that wasn't necessary.

Our first stop was the Gyro (yee-ro) station. One veggie, one regular please.

Second stop pastries.

There was of course the Baklava, which most everyone knows and loves. But two of my other favorites are Kourambiedes which are butter and chopped almond cookies with tons of confectioners sugar on top, Galaktobouriko, custard pastry wrapped in phyllo and drizzled with syrup. But, my all time favorite, of which I just had a piece for breakfast is Kataifi me Crema. Shredded phyllo slathered together with some kind of honey syrup then topped with almonds and walnuts and finally topped with custard and whipped cream.

yes, this is what we looked like!

Then it was back outside for the tiropitas, spanakopitas, basically phyllo wrapped around spinach and/or cheese. And finally, Saganaki which sounds like something you'd order at a sushi restaurant. However, it is Kefalouri cheese sauteed and flamed with brandy. Of course done with a flourish and a big Opa!

So, another weekend come and gone in a flash. I can't hardly believe next weekend is Memorial Day already. Hope everyone had a super-duper weekend and has a super-duper Monday!


michaelm said...

I loooooove Greek food.
I'm thinking moussaka, pastitchio and three fingers of Ouzo.
I used to work for a greek man years ago. His wife made the best Spanikopita I've ever had in my life.
btw- i gained about 10lbs. reading your post. Thanks... ;)


InterstellarLass said...

OMG. I'm sooooo hungry now. Darn you!

NittanyBri said...

I think a lot of things you do are strange. I admire that in a person!

Barry S. said...

Greek festivals are great fun! We have one around here in the summer and it is always packed.

The desserts are fantastic, aren't they?

Coyote Mike said...


I love Gyros. We have a place here that has won a couple of national competitions, and all the girls who work there have such a crush on my cousin that if I go in with him, we don't pay.

Buffy said...

I'm a firm believer that no one does pastries like the Greek.