Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend Update

Hi all, hope you had a chance to do some chillin and grillin this weekend. I was thankful for the extra day off!

Saturday I got to do some work with the Susquehanna Art Museum at the ArtsFest we have in Harrisburg. The museum has a bus called the Van Go! that is a travelling art exhibit. They take it to schools and events. It was at ArtsFest and there was a need for museum volunteers and interns to make sure people didn't touch the works, spill drinks on them or answer any questions people may have about the work. It was pretty cool to see kids bringing their parents on the bus to show them the work that they learned about when the Van Go! was at their school.

I did get to meet lots of new people this weekend and enjoyed lots of food and drinks all weekend long.

But as always, the weekend came and went too fast. So, it was back to work today. Mow the lawn tonight. Geesh, did it get hot! It has been in the 90's the last couple of days.

I did get to put up my Tibetan Prayer Flags this weekend. I'd love to get a bunch more to hang all over the yard. But, I guess I shouldn't get crazy. I am still in the market for the perfect hammock. But have yet to find it.

Tonight when I was mowing the lawn I discovered this bug on my big maple tree. I don't know what made me even notice it but it was pretty strange.

See that transparent sac on the back side of this bug? It uncoiled a big, long tail like thing that was about 3 inches long. And then it put the tail thingy on the tree and pushed it back into the sac. Anyone know what the heck this is? What it was doing? Is there an entymologist in the house?


michaelm said...

No idea as far as the bug goes.
The sac is kinda funky, though.
The "Van Go" sounds absolutely wonderful. Glad that lawn is cut. The neighbors were starting to complain... ;)


Jim said...

the prayer flags are terrific!!!!!

I was thinking of ordering a prayer wheel -- I need all the help that I can get

mattandriver said...

The bug is a praying mantis that, after drinking the water in the river, has morphed into a strange looking, human killing machine that will eventually kill all of us.

InterstellarLass said...

Um. I don't like bugs. Don't like them at all. Take it down! Take it down! AAAAAA!

Totally cool prayer flags though!

NittanyBri said...

...I didn't have sex with the tree, but this bug I know got it on with her. Hoo Wee!!!