Monday, May 08, 2006

Yep, I'm Still Around

Tonght would have been the final in French class, but I didn't have to take it! Whoot!!!

I collected all my sculptures from the studio at school and hope to have some pics of them for you. Whenever I find a spare minute.

I worked at the art museum on Saturday and Sunday. Click the link to check out the most current exhibit. The Armenian work totally fascinates me.

Went to see the Luv Gods on Friday night with a few very special friends. After all it was Cinco de Mayo. Anyone do anything fun to celebrate?


michael said...

It was May 6th before I realized I'd missed it. Oh, well.
Maybe next year.
How were the LuvGods?
(I wrote "Lovedogs", then changed the typo. A brief dyslexic moment, I guess ...)


Carnealian said...

The Luv Gods are a lot of fun. 80's music. What could be wrong with that?!?

InterstellarLass said...

We boycotted anything Mexican on Cinco de Mayo.

Very cool art!

Coyote Mike said...

I went to the local museum across the street here (Museum of Nebraska Art). They were having a show of the local middle and high school art classes in the main room. Right next to it, in a side room, were large frame photos of fully nude women in a seperate exhibit. They were explicit, but not pornographic, but it was funny that they had a warning sign next to the entrance.

I'm easily amused.

NittanyBri said...

Yes, I did do something to celebrate. I went to see the Luv Gods with a special friend and made some new ones.

The Luv Gods totally rocked, fer sure!

Bone said...

Always odd to see 45-year-old men and women wearing sombreros.

Barry S. said...

Sounds like a good time! I went to a seafood restaurant and primed my liver for the Kentucky Derby party I attended.