Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Life in the Fast Lane

I just love the spring weather we've been having here. I mowed my lawn tonight and aside from the incredible dust storm I created which has now made my throat a little scratchy, the lilacs are in full bloom and seem particularly fragrant this year.

I cut a bunch of Lillies of the Valley too over the weekend. That smell is just intoxicating!

I finished my final project in sculpture class last night and must collect all my projects from the semester this weekend. I hope to have some pics to post once I get them all back.

This found object project really took off for most of the people in my class. One person made this enormous yard sculpture that moves with wind or rain. Another person made a Tiffany style lamp from a trumpet and an old lamp shade. She even went as far as adding the typical dragonfly motif on the lamp shade. However, these were made from nuts, bolts and screws. All of this girls projects were just over the top!

I'm still waiting to hear from my French prof on the outcome of my last test. I'm getting nervous!

I finalized my fall schedule yesterday with my advisor. I'm happy with it, now I need to work on finding a part time job that will fit into my class schedule and allow me to have some kind of spending money...oh, and money to pay bills.

I would like to put out the official blog world welcome to a new blogger friend. Be sure to check him out!
  • Random Thoughts

    InterstellarLass said...

    Part time job? Did I miss the part where you quit your real job? Huh???

    I can't wait to see your projects!

    Bone said...

    Hey! I don't remember you doing a special link when you started reading my blog :)

    I would like to find a part time job that would allow me to pay bills and have spending money, too. Then I'd quit my full-time job.

    Jim said...

    are people who are able to make art out of junk talented enough to make art out of art supplies??? it would seem like two entirely different talents to me

    Carnealian said...

    Bone- I was reading your blog a long time ago and you had already established it. This is a first timer...Geesh, don't be so harsh!

    Jim- Yes, I think people that make stuff from trash can make stuff from art supplies. You know there was an entire art movement of people making stuff from trash. Check out the Dadaists!

    Jim said...

    I thought Dada was, by their definition, anti-art -- but I suppose if you put anything (even a urinal) in an exhibition it somehow becomes art (even if you mean it to be anti-art) -- but, I suppose, therein am the conundrum: can an artist create something that is not art?