Thursday, May 25, 2006

This is the Gospel?

I saw something on the news last evening that really perturbed me. Perhaps you have heard about the Kansas based minister-Fred Phelps that has (apparently) a direct line to the Lord. He (and his followers of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas) have decided that funeral crashing is the way to bring to the attention to the general public that God is not happy with homosexuality. He's says that the Sago Mine disaster as well as our soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan are God's way of telling us homosexuality is wrong. Uh huh, I can clearly see the connection....NOT!

This funeral protesting has gotten so out of hand that several states have now begun drafting bills to keep these picketers 500 feet from a funeral.

How despicable do people have to get before the general public decides to just kick some ass? I would hate to think that I would go to a funeral and have to put up with some crackpot and his followers interfering with the service. That would piss me off, and warrant some bad behavior on my part, even if I was wearing a dress and heels.

It's not bad enough that, for the most part, many of us do not feel that our soldiers should even be in Iraq or at least shouldn't be there any longer. The soldiers are still dying and now we have to put up with this crap when trying to bury them????

After doing a search on Fred Phelps, I see that his web site address is There's link number two on this blog to his web page. Funny, but the words "God" and "hates" don't fit into the same sentence in my vocabulary. I don't know what God he worships but I don't want anything to do with Him.


Jim said...

OFF TOPIC -- I put one of your pix in a post -- check your email -- Jim

On Topic -- who funds this guy -- traveling all over the country with his "family" must cost serious money.

The Illinois law is the "Let Them Rest in Peace Act," which prohibits pickets from using visual and oral "fighting words" within 200 feet of a funeral service, 30 minutes before, during and 30 minutes after the service. The governor signed it in time to stop your Kansas friends from gathering at a funeral where they said they were going to protest -- the funeral was for Army Warrant Officer 2nd Class Christopher Donaldson in Shumway, just outside of Effingham, he died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan earlier this month. The "church" observed the 200 feet distance. The "fighting words doctrine" is a long-standing legal principle so the law should withstand any constitutional challenge. Christopher was 28.

Barry S. said...

He and his followers are crazy as hell. It is a horrible representation of Christians.

They even have a running tab of how many days this poor, murdered gay kid from Wyoming has been in hell. Sick.

I have heard of him for years, and you are correct when you say he and his followers need a serious ass kicking.

InterstellarLass said...

I'd be willing to go on vacation and stop and kick this guys ass. Sure free speech is fine, but hate speech? And against soldiers? For the love of Pete...

michaelm said...


I heard an interesting tidbit about these self proclaimed morons. Basically, the organization has a number of very good legal people heavily involved in their outlandish scheme.
It works like this:
Say you're a Mom that has just lost her only son in Iraq. These swishy douchebags show up holding signs saying your son's death is justification for ...blah,blah,blah.
The WBC hopes you act on the anger impulse to beat them senseless because they sue you and inevitably win based on their first amendment rights / freedom of speech.
Slimy politics, huh?
I stand with all the folks that would rather see these un-humans fertilizing the earth than holding stoopid pickets.
I will say that I haven't validated this 100% but it made way too much sense.


Coyote Mike said...

I like the way people have been reacting to this guy. Basically, a group of rather large bikers (several of whom are vets) keep track of where this moron is going, then they go there, put their bikes between the protesters and the funeral, and if the idiots get out of hand, they switch on their hogs and rev the engines to drown them out.

I've been keeping up on this guy for a while. It seems that his church only has about 80 members, mostly his family members. I don't know what his (or anyone's) problem is with homosexuality.

And he actually thinks he's in the right to do this sort of crap.

Spell NYRA said...

Fred Phelps is seriously sick. I read the Wikipedia article about him. Wow. And even his "church" is all just his own also-crazy family members.