Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Simple Pleasures

Today was full of little surprises. I was anticipating hearing from my French Prof as I did and I will not talk about that any longer....I don't have to take the final!

Besides that bit of good news, the president and CEO of the company I work for gave us a half day of paid time off to be used between now and December 22. I know to some a half day of paid time off is no big deal, but I know to some folks at my company it was probably a God send. I think I will tack on the extra hours to my already approved paid time off between Christmas and New Years.

Finally, the last pleasant surprise of the evening was a knock on the door from my neighbor. These are the 90 year old neighbors I've written of before. On Sunday it had snowed a bit here but I was obsessed with getting my research paper done. I didn't even bother to go outside and shovel the walks or driveway. So, round noonish, I hear the familiar sound of a snowblower just outside my window. I immediately felt guilty that I didn't a) bother to do my own walks but b) didn't bother to help my neighbors.

So, he finished up my driveway and walks so later that night I took over a pan of sticky buns for them for breakfast the next day. Tonight's visit was him returning my pan, with of course another container of freshly made, still warm pierogies. And thus begins the season of eating!

In my unit today at work we signed up for what we were going to bring to the "unit lunch". Then we had to sign up for what we were going to bring to the week of pre-holiday eating that's just for our small unit. I hear the gym calling!


Coyote Mike said...

beware the coming of the Christmas ham, turkey, goose, etc, with cookies galore, potatoes piled high . . . and pie.

Or for those who avoid meats for whatever reason, add cakes, stuffing, mac and cheese, breads of all kinds . . . and pie.

JustCara said...

mmmm...coworker foods! Maybe it's just me, but a cookie eaten while sitting on my couch doesn't taste as yummy as a cookie made by my friend/coworker Melinda while we gossip at the coffee station.

And no, I'm not being sarcastic!

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

oy! how come i don't have you on the sidebar yet? huh? huh? funny lady. huh?

Carnealian said...

Mike, it's always about the pie isn't it?!?

I agree Cara, it's more fun to eat at work simply (for me) because then I'm not working! I'm eating!!

Rev. I deserve to be on the sidebar as do you. I'm adding you promptly!!

Coyote Mike said...

what have you got against pie? Everyone likes pie.

Crys said...

mmmmm, пироги, those things are soo good.