Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things about Carnealian
1Â…. Welcome to the first full day of winter! The exciting part is that the days are going to be getting longer!!
2. Funny, the last couple of days of fall here in PA have been frigid and snowy. So, here comes winter and the temps are in the 30's. Christmas day is supposed to be near 50! WHOO HOO!
3. I only have to work until 10:45 today.
4. I will not return to work until January 3.
5. Believe it or not, I have a party to go to tomorrow. Really, it's more like a gathering of friends, but isn't that what a party is anyway?
6. I never got Bone's invitation to the Festivus party. I'm really kinda bummed!
7. The Rev. never got the deviled eggs I sent him. I'm thinking there's a postal conspiracy going on here!
8. For those of you keeping tabs, last word from his family, is that Dean is still stuck in limbo-land.
9. Lass, thanks for posting the fictional story blog, that was fun! You people have some very vivid imaginations and I like it!
10. Do really sad things happen around the holidays or is it that they are just more magnified?
11. I know there are some folks outtherer in blogland that are going through some personal struggles and I found out yesterday a coworker that has been hospitalized for a few days has been taken off life support.
12. She was a breast cancer survivor for 5 years and then it came back and is taking her from her husband and children. She is the bravest soul I know. She knew this was going to claim her life but she would tell me about her illness without regret, without a tear in her eye. If I ever get a terminal illness, I can only hope to be as strong as her.
13. Have a great day everyone and a very Happy Christmas!
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MarkD60 said...

I wish I was off till Jan 3rd!

Bone said...

I figured you'd already have a party to go to. And you do! ;-)

I don't think I'm doing the T-13 today. But I'll do something.

InterstellarLass said...

It's been chilly here but will be 60 on Christmas Day. Thanks for the update on Dean. I was hoping to be able to wish him a Merry Christmas there in PA! Those stories were fun! I like how Bone tried to sneak in as Brad. ;)

I think that sad things happen all the time, and it just sucks more when they happen at the holidays. Your co-worker sounds like she was a strong woman. I hope I could be that strong too if it were me.

Merry Christmas Carney!

My Thirteen are up!

Findley Labrador said...

Poor Carney is going to have to go to the Harley store with me to purchase some presents for my brother. I'll be dragging her kicking and screaming through aisles of Harley's, manly men in leather chaps...and then force her to drink at Ted's Tavern. She has been so distraught since Bone didn't invite her to Festivus I have to get her out of the house!

Coyote Mike said...

I've been off for about a week, and won't be back until, I think, the second week of Jan.

I did all my shopping today. All done in under 4 hours. I rule.

Carnealian said...

Mark, I'll trade ya, weather for time off!

And there were no men at the Harley store!!

Lass, yea, Bone as Brad...yea, that'd work!

Geez Mike, typical guy shopping, just buy whatever. Nice!

Coyote Mike said...

not buy whatever. I thought for weeks on what to buy, so I could do it all in a few hours. That includes thinking of backup gifts if i can't find the original idea.

crys said...

that's really sad. i think sad things happen all the time, but they do hold a special status around the holidays.

i'm off until...uhh uhh, until i find a job or a rich husband. hehe