Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bobbie's Big Beaver Weekend

Someone actually spoke these words to me recently. They were simply talking about their sister going to visit some family members in the city of Beaver, near Pittsburgh. Kinda takes the wind out of those dirty thoughts you were just having huh?

So, I got to thinking about how some of the cities in PA were named. Many are the same as those in Britain/Europe: York, Carlisle, Derry, Manchester, Hamburg, Dublin. Some are Native American: Catawissa, Catasauqua, Monongahela, Nesquehoning. So I thought that it would be fun to collect a short list of all the funny named cities in the state of Pennsylvania. Those of you in PA know that I'll leave the best for last.

Big Beaver
Black Lick
Blue Bell
Forty Fort
Lick Run
Mt. Joy
Mt. Pleasant
Scalp Level
Snow Shoe
South Fork (Move over Ewing's!)
Towanda (Fried Green Tomatoes anyone?)
Versailles (Home of Louis XIV-not!)

I'm not 100% sure what the founding fathers of Pennsylvania were thinking of when they decided on a few cities located in Lancaster County. See, you may find yourself in Intercourse, but if you miss it, you will then arrive in Blue Ball just a short time later. Just after you pass Blue Ball you'll find in Bird-in-Hand. Hmmm, wonder what was on their mind?!?

I'll bet you have some strangely named cities in your state too. What are they?


Scott said...

These are in the State of Washington:

InterstellarLass said...

In the Great State of Texas, to sample just a few. There's too many weird ones to go over.

Bug Tussle
Merry Christmas

SnotSucker said...

I happen to reside in Bath, thank you very much and the water is just great here!

Bone said...

When I read your title, I thought you were gonna be reviewing a video ;-)

Nice post.

Carnealian said...

All: Thanks for sharing the strange names from your neck of the woods!

Sorry Bone, no review, never seen this movie! ;)

Carnealian said...

Hey snot: are you a respiratory therapist?

SnotSucker said...

Why, YES I AM :)

Carnealian said...

That dawned on me while I was in the shower this a.m. Healthcare...snot, very nice. I have a couple of friends round here that are as well. Pleasant job. P.S. Are you originally from LV?

InterstellarLass said...

I needed some respiratory therapy this morning during my running. Whew!

SnotSucker said...

No, I'm originally from Milton, right up the road from Dorman.

IL, highly conditioned athletes such as yourself shouldn't need respiratory therapy!

Carnealian said...

I've often thought maybe if I ran with while being pumped full of oxygen it would be much more plesant. IL you need some air without humidity!!

Snot, my family is originally from down that way...Allentown, Coopersburg, etc. Still have cousins there, aunt in Bethlehem and a great aunt in Coopersburg. She's 100 years old!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Well, Ca., is unique, and I am trying to think of strange names for cities...

Diamond Bar
San Fernando
The old Boyle Heights

InterstellarLass said...

It actually wasn't the humidity (28%) or temperature (72) this morning. It was the speed. :P

Carn, I'm thinking we just need to switch houses. I would love highs in the 80's right now. Here? It's 95 today. Blah.

michaelm said...

Hey Carnealian-
Off the top of my head I can't think of anything real bizarre in the state of Ma. What your post reminded me of was a store in Colorado called "Beaver Liquors". Honest to God. How did they get away with that one? ;)
Nice job with the FEMA list. God knows they need some help down there. Be well.