Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cat Personal Ad's

13 year old male SHDT (Short Haired Domestic Tabby) ISO same between ages of 10 and 15. I am an insulin dependent diabetic with a hyperactive thyroid. I like to snuggle and rough-house if you are willing. I also like to bite unexpectedly (those are the best kind, catch 'em off guard!) I will pester the life out of you until you get out of bed. But once I'm fed and have all my meds, I will take a nap. I love treats but especially love chicken. I like walks in the grass which I also like to eat because it makes me throw up on the carpet. If you promise to take naps with me and give me long drinks from the bathtub, I'm your man! Maybe we can catch grasshoppers together.

10 year old female SHDT ISO same between ages of 9-13. I do not like to be picked up or snuggle. I will sit beside you on the couch. I will munch on your hair and rub on your face. Sometimes I even purr. I do not bite and will not pester you for anything. I do have a bit of a snoring problem, so bring earplugs. I love chicken and do not ever wish to go outside. It's scary out there! I like to lay in the tub because it's nice and cool. I also would appreciate you not making fun of my waddle that swings when I run. As you can see I also like flowers. What girl doesn't?


InterstellarLass said...

Dog personal ads:

1 yo lab/pit mix seeks toes to lick and bones to chew. I slurp water rudely and eat my kibble daintily. I jump when I'm not supposed to, and I'm too damn big to be a lap dog, but I try anyway. Oh, and did I mention I like to lick toes?

7 yo chihuahua/terrier mix seeks lap for continuous petting. That's it, nothing else. Just lots and lots of petting. I sneak a sip of water or a piece of kibble when I can, but my nerves just can't handle sitting still for either. Be sure not to make any sudden moves or loud noises, or I'll pee where I'm standing.

Scott said...

The cat and dog personal adds are really good. I will have to get Fred to make one :)

pain said...

i KNOW you are not getting rid of the kids. but if you are serious, then the girls for me...a fellow snorer knows when they are getting a good deal. mr is adorable as always though.

Carnealian said...

Mysrey, you can send Chico to IL's house. She could have a pee-fest between him and her chihuahua!

Scott, Fred is too darned handsome NOT to have a personal ad!

Crystal said...

those flowers are pretty