Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's Just Not Fair!

Is it me or sometimes when you find out that someone is sick, say Peter Jennings for example that you say to yourself or even outloud...oh, he was a smoker. And, somehow that justifies the fact that the man had a terminal illness that finally took his life. He quit smoking 20 years ago! Here's another example. Christopher Reeve's wife Dana, who stood by her husband, took care of him until his dying day has found out she has lung cancer.

No, she wasn't a smoker. There's no justification here.


Scott said...

Thanks for the pictures!

Missing Mass said...

No it isn't fair, but unfortunately that is how life sometimes is.

Carnealian said...

Scott, you are welcome for the pics.

Crystal said...

well, just how somethings go. gotta roll with it. and deal with the hand we were dealt. and not worry about what we can't change, learn to live with it. and work hard to stop the things we can. i have had a really rough summer. because of many things, family and stuff. but maybe this will help you.

my aunt barbara was hit by a drunk driver when she was 16, and lost her leg. Her husband, my uncle Jake, died during April this year. So her children, my mom (her sister), and everyone really is chipping in to help her, because she is not able to do everything on her own anymore. And she is in the hospital now, and prolly won't leave there again. But she doesn't stop living, in the small ways she can. These things can be bigger and more meaningful than what I take for granted every day. And her life has a purpose in just being in ours. I dunno, if that helps.

Carnealian said...

Crys, that is a pretty big hand to be dealt. I only hope that if I have to endure such things in my life, I can do it with grace, like your aunt. I know many people do, it is just so unfair.

Crystal said...

she doesn't look at it as unfair. its her life. and the quicker we all just start caring for one another, without feeling guilty or sorry for each other, we will all understand better what our individual purposes are.

i think it is quite unfair. but this kind of attitude is sort of arrogant because it makes it seem as if their lives are not as complete, when they are prolly more so. you need to watch the sisterhood of the travelling pants. came out this summer, prolly still in some theatres. great movie!

InterstellarLass said...

I agree. For a long time I was 'poor me' about the things that had happened to me (none this serious). Now I know that it's all part of who I am, and I wouldn't change anything about me!

michaelm said...

I can relate to this post in particular. I am and will remain a firm believer in destiny. There are no guarantees in this life and we have to live each day as a gift. I am, for the most part, done with trying to justify the world I live in. It takes too much of my energy and creativity. It comes down to one simple thing for me most days. Faith. God knows we all need to have it. Keep writing.

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