Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Has Blog Become a Bad Word?

Recently in a nearby town an 18 year old boy shot to death the parents of his alleged girlfriend who was 14. You may have heard about this incident on the news. They were found in Indiana and have been returned to PA to figure out their fate. Officials suspect the murder took place due to an argument the girl had with her parents over a curfew.

What has been discovered is that the teenagers kept in contact via their blogs.

In another situation you may remember is when Joseph Edward Duncan, a 30 year pedophile abducted two young children Shasta and Dylan Groene after killing their parents. Again, how did the police find further information on this guy? Through his blog.

This is only two instances when bloggers became criminals or vice versa. But somehow when hearing the news of a crime and the word "blog" comes up, I feel like those that know I have a blog kind of look at me funny. Like they're saying "oh, you must be one of them."


Coyote Mike said...

But, bloggers are also heros. Who do you think is providing the cops with the info on the evildoers. So, keep an eye out for any signs of evildoings in your fellow bloggers, and report them to the cops.

Except for me, of course.

InterstellarLass said...

I sure hope not. I guess there are some pretty freaky blogs out there. I try to avoid those. That poor girl.

Carnealian said...

I don't know how poor the girl is. Around here we all suspect that she put her boyfriend up to it. There are 4 other children at home that saw him do it. 14 year old girls can be pretty sneaky...if I remember correctly. Didn't you have a story about that?!? ;)

mattandriver said...

Yea, I can remember hearing the Amber Alert. Sad story, to say the least. I acquired this the other day. I was shocked to learn he was a hunter. Hunting safety courses teach respect for weapons, but I assume he had some instability to start with. Again, parents, where were you???

mattandriver said...

Oops, dead link. http://www.picturetrail.com/haydren

Coyote Mike said...

I agree with Carn about not knowing about the whole "poor girl" thing. Teenage girls seem to have the whole "I'll die if I'm not with him" thing, particularly if they have little outside contact. (home schooled types).

The other thing I have noticed about home schooled girls is, they seem to go for older guys. I think the lack of contact with guys their own age makes them want guys who are like their dads. Its a bit sick in a way.

Now, you must excuse me, I have a date with a 12 year old home schooled girl. :P

fsgsf said...

Surprise! Surprise! Many criminals communicate through the TELEPHONE!! OMG! are all telephone users bad? get real!
You get my drift!

NJ from NJ

InterstellarLass said...

Well, yeah, but I was public schooled. I have to blame outside influences on my sneaky behavior. She could have simply said 'my parents are so mean' and he took it to mean 'come kill my mom and dad and kidnap me'. Either way. Even if she is in on it, there is some serious mess-up-ed-ness going on there, and I feel sorry for her.

Carnealian said...

There's something to be said about the home schooling and the fact that this family is ultra religious Bible bangers. That seems to be as scary as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Louis Farrakhan if you get my drift.