Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Spaaaahhhh

Today was my afternoon at The Spa at Hotel Hershey. I have decided that this is my favorite place on the planet. It's just beautiful there. When you first arrive, they hook you up with a comfy robe and flip flops, provide you with a locker and there are several places you can sit and relax before your treatments begin. There is the quiet room, which always makes me think of a mental hospital, the aromatherapy room and now I see there is a silence room. In the quiet room, there is coffee, tea, hot chocolate, muffins, fruit and lots of water. There are dishes of Hershey Kisses everywhere in this place. I know some of the guests left with their pockets full of Kisses. There's a fireplace, big comfy chairs and a beautiful view of some of the gardens behind the hotel. The sky today was heavy laden with thick dark clouds. As I looked out from the quiet room over the formal gardens, I could see the surrounding hills and saw spotted sunshine on the hills.

Another favorite part of this hotel to me is The Circular Dining room which I didn't get to visit today, but they have the most fabulous Sunday brunch on the planet.

After a brief wait, I was called in for my Cocoa Sugar Scrub. All the rooms for the services are dimly lit, with soft new age music playing. This scrub was wonderful, my skin was soft and smooooth!

I waited again for a bit and was then called in for my Hot Stone Massage. This was the first time I had one of these types of massages. The stones are very hot, but the heat permeates way down to the muscles. It was nice and toasty!

Once you are a guest at the Spa, you are permitted to use the gym, and the indoor pool. I decided to go to the gym for a bit and then returned to the steam room for a bit, had a shower and was on my way home.

So, here I am again a slave to my computer as I attempt my research paper again. I spoke to my Prof yesterday and decide to pursue a different avenue on the paper than I originally intended. I don't think I'll need a new supply of books...I hope!

The wind is howling outside, and it's threatening SNOW!! The entire northeast is due for some ugly weather over the holiday. From the weather reports we may wake up on Thanksgiving morning with a dusting of snow on the ground.


InterstellarLass said...

This sounds soooo relaxing! And here I am in a panic over getting ready for 20 people! Holy cow! I'll be due for some spaaaahhhh time myself soon!

I want snow! I want snow! The high today is going to be 77. Tomorrow's high for Turkey Day is going to be 71. THIS IS SO DAMN WRONG!

Bone said...

So, did you take some kisses home?

Carnealian said...

Lass, my family and I are going out for Tgiving...so no muss, no fuss! It was definitely flurrying this morning, didn't lay on the ground, but tonight is supposed to be a different story.

You and Bone move up here and I'll take over one of your houses. Just take care of the kitties for me!! Like the new pic you cute thing!

Bone, no, I had a couple during my visit but left a majority of the supply there.

Coyote Mike said...

Its about 70 here today, but could snow tomorrow, then get hot again. I get the worst of both worlds.

Carnealian said...

Mike, don't you go out enjoying the 70 degree weather...you need to be in bed!!

Happybutterfly said...

Oh this is so lush...complete heaven