Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Carnealian

1. I added at Stat counter on my blog so I could see who was visiting and from where. I'm sure you all remember how much I love statistics!! I had some visitors yesterday from Canada, Denmark, Finland, San Francisco, North Hollywood, and as well as my wonderful regular blog visitors!

2. 4 more weeks till the end of this semester! Very excited about that!

3. Today is my last day of work until November 28. This is a standard with me, I take of the week of Thanksgiving, because it's my birthday and we get two days off for Thanksgiving anyway. So, by taking three vacation days, I get an entire week off of work!

4. I added an additional day to my vacation so I can take off work tomorrow. LeeAnn and I are going to see the
Misfits at the Dragonfly nightclub in Harrisburg. And hey, I see Bret Michaels from Poison is going to be there. Check out the pic on on the Dragonfly link...hello Betty!

5. Tomorrow is a big day for fans of
Beaujolais Nouveau wine. It is against the law, at least in France to sell this wine prior to the third Thursday in November. So, if we were all there right now, we'd be sipping some in a small cafe with our fabulous scarves, smoking cigarettes and discussing doubt. It's a huge deal in France and you can buy bottles of this wine in the grocery store for like 3 Euro. Here it's a bit more expensive, especially if you get the first round that leaves France at midnight...small sacrifice. It's a dry, red wine, not as dry as Merlot, but on that side certainly.

6. I got my first birthday card today...thanks LeeAnn!

7. You're probably wondering what is she going to do with all that time off work? Well, I will get my nails done and I think I'm due for a pedicure. I have a hot stone massage and cocoa bean scrub scheduled on Tuesday at
The Spa at Hotel Hershey. I may trek to Philadelphia to visit my friend who I never go see. And between all the fun stuff I'll be working on my research paper for my Paris class.

8. The Paris class will be leaving for Paris on 11/22. I'm glad I'm not going. I would be freaking out about this research paper while I was there. And, if I went, certainly she would have us write yet another paper about something we saw/learned there.

9. My family and I are going out to dinner for Thanksgiving. We just don't care anymore, don't want the hassle of cooking, cleaning, etc. Is that wrong?

10. OMG! I was driving home from school last night yacking away on the phone to my friend Stacy when a deer ran across the road in front of me. Scared the crap out of me!

11. I will be having a birthday bash next Saturday...everyone's invited!

12. Getting a hair cut tonight, nothing different than before...exciting aren't I?

13. Everyone have a super day!

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Shelli said...

So this is my first time to your blog. It looks great. I came for the Thursday Thirteen, but will be back for other things.

Here is the link to my TT...

Shelli said...

Just curious, where is your stat counter from and was it free or low-cost? Thanks!

InterstellarLass said...

Yay! Stat counters rock. Vacations rock too! And so does Beaujolais Nouveau! And so do birthdays, and guess what? YES! YOU ROCK TOO! :P

Here's my 13 for today!

JustCara said...

(First time visitor!) A cocoa bean scrub sounds absolutely divine! And no, going out on Thanksgiving is totally cool - it's what my family has always done and we get sufficiently stuffed and the women-folk don't have to slave away in the kitchen all dang day! (Lass is an exception - she must like cooking!)

Have a great birthday!

Mon Jeudi Treize est ici

Anonymous said...

statcounters kinda weird me out.


Bone said...

OK, thanks to your gentle persuasion, Bone has joined the ranks of the Thursday Thirteeners.

Coyote Mike said...

I did my Thirteen. And I can prove it.

bleemy's blemishes said...