Sunday, November 20, 2005

'Tis the Season to be Hateful

Already with the Christmas shopping. No, not me, everyone else. This afternoon I went to the mall with the intent to purchase specific things. That's the only reason I ever go to the mall. I hate the mall. I hate crowds of people that are delirious with the thought of buying things for themselves or for others that no one ever needs to buy.

While on my way to get where I was going I walked through one of the department stores that are the "anchor" stores in the mall. I haven't been in this store for years. Upon opening the door, I was greeted with Christmas carols blaring on the PA system. I walked down the steps to go through the store and had a birds eye view of the over flowing merchandise neatly folded in piles and hanging on hangers. Then I noticed they have these obnoxious buggy things that look like baby carriages but they aren't for children. They are for the obscene amount of merchandise the store anticipates you will find and fill this ridiculous buggy thing with.

I ran through the store as quickly as possible to my destination and was again greeted with the shoppers that are like deer in headlights...any thing shiny, sparkly, smelly all must be investigated without regard that there may actually be someone behind them that has something better to do than spend a perfectly lovely day inside a shopping mall.

To everyone that is on my shopping list...expect cash!


mattandriver said...

OMG, how'bout it. I freaking hate the malls too. Too many people in far too little space, and every freaking on wants to be first.

As far a Christmas shoppers go, I have a saying. It's Scam-mas, not Christmas. Every channel is filled with 'cool toys' and 'christmas ideas'. All for the all mighty dallar. Sales, sales, and more sales.

New idea. Kids, lets buy Christmas presents on December 26th. Everyone else is at the return counter, and shit's on sale!!!

Coyote Mike said...

Am I on your "rent a friend" list?

SnotSucker said...

For this exact reason, I'm usually a Grinch until my shopping is done. People are so rude and obnoxious.

michaelm said...

The present state of the holiday season is profoundly sad. I yearn for January 1st with a vengance.
Ho,ho,ho my butt.
"I'm dreaming of a slight Christmas..."
Here's to hoping we all find a small sanctuary of peace this December.


Bone said...

I'd like to invite you to celebrate Festivus, created by Frank Costanza, who hated all the commercial and religious aspects of Christmas.

Also, instead of cash, you might want to consider making a donation in someone's name to The Human Fund :-)

Coyote Mike said...

Bone, you watch too much TV

Carney, I posted about the wedding

InterstellarLass said...

Oh you're all a bunch of Scrooge's! Just come down to Texas for Christmas and we'll all have a roarin' good time. Waffles and Eggs Benedict, music, presents and apple cider. Plus it's warm enough to play football outside!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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