Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Carnealian
1. Happy Birthday to my friend MIKE!
2. Tonight I'm going to a poetry reading at the
Susquehanna Art Museum
3. My trip to
NYC in July has forged a friendship with two of New York's poets. They will be making their way to Harrisburg today and will be the main poets reading this evening. I'm thankful they were willing to come here for this!
4. I will be taking my first trip to NYC on Saturday...solo! I'm nervous and excited.
5. Since this week of classes is over, I took a look at the remainder of the class schedule. There are only 4, FOUR, FORE weeks of classes that remain to this semester. I cannot wait till it's over, I need a break.
6. I feel a long beach weekend may be in order.
Mark, can you make room for me? A hammock will do.
7. It's gray, chilly and windy out today. I need some sun!
8. 14 days till my birthday. Ew, the closer it gets the less I want it to be here.
9. The bright side to that is that my friends and I usually go out for a nice dinner and some form of debauchery...nothing wrong with that!
10. I had been planning to go to Paris with my Wednesday night class. However, in light of all that's been happening there, I'm glad I'm not going.
11. Even more reason to go to the beach and vegitate.
12. Did everyone vote on Tuesday?
13. Everyone have a great day!
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mar said...

I posted mine for the first time today!

Janet said...

I had been thinking of going to Paris over sad. Here's my 13:
(sorry, couldn't get the HTML to work)

Texas_Ivy10 said...

Great list! I hope your solo trip to NYC is fantastic! A beach weekend sounds great, I wish I could have one as well! lol I hope you have a nice day!

My 13 is up!

InterstellarLass said...

I'm going to Nick's writing group with him tonight. I'm actually going to read something I wrote. I'm very nervous!

I'll trade ya weather! :P

Only 20 days till my birthday! Happy Birthday to us!

Here's my 13 today!

Bone said...

"14 days till my birthday. Ew, the closer it gets the less I want it to be here."

Eh, it'll be OK. 29's not bad at all ;-)

Have fun in NY! Wish I was there.

Jen said...

It's my friend Anne's birthday today, too! It must be a good day for friends to be born on.

My dad lives near the Susquehanna, how fun to see it in print out there. :-)

Here's my 13 Take care!

Coyote Mike said...

I just finished my 13.

Lets both go to Greece instead of Italy. Might be warm enough still for us to go frolic naked on the beaches :D

SquashedToad said...

I hope your trip to NYC is lots of fun, as I am sure it will be!

Here's my 13

Carnealian said...

Lass, I think we should celebrate our birthdays all month long!

Thanks Bone, there's no wonder all your female blogger buddies love you!! Hop a plane tonight, meet at the top of the Empire State Building tomorrow!!

Mike, I'll take Italy or Greece. I have no problems frolicking in any state of undress...anywhere! Well as long as it's outside the country and I don't accidentally run into someone I know. God, that's embarassing!

Leanne said...

Hi Carnealian! I'm finally getting around to reading all of the 13's! :D

I hope you had a great time at the Museum lastnight! That sounds very cool. I'm also up for the beach trip, and the trip into NYC. Dang. Can I just move in? ;P~

Have a great weekend, and thanks for joining in on the TT! Hope to see you again next week!

Coyote Mike said...

hehe, she wants to get naked with me . . . WOOHOO!!

Carnealian said...

I'm actually naked right now...well, under my clothes.

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday in a couple of weeks!
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