Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Morning After the Night Before

Oy ears are still ringing and my head hurts. I had a bunch of audio blogs out here from last night and thankfully/hopefully Coyote Mike was the only one subjected to them. They were out of control. And each one of them began with Whooo! I mean how many times can you use that?

LeeAnn was up an at 'em at 8:00 a.m. fresh as a daisy. Not fair!

Now that I'm thinking a little straighter, I remember that LeeAnn got socked in the mouth by some guy in the pit last night. There was no blood though. Some guy cow kicked me in the pit and being the girl I am, I kicked him back. Oh, and I got smacked on the ass too by someone...hope it was a guy! Whoo hoo! Oh, there I go again.

I need to go lay down.


mattandriver said...


Coyote Mike said...

I'll say it again . . . you're silly when you're drunk.

Bone said...

Ah, well hate I missed the audio posts.

Sounds like you had fun. And I'm sure it was a guy who smacked you. Or at least a hot girl.