Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My 100th Post!

1. I have no idea what to say first so I'll say this.
2. Does it make me a conformist because I'm doing this?
3. Conformist is one word I don't think anyone has ever used to describe me. Other words never used to describe me: quiet, shy, reserved, shallow, stingy
4. I have never been married
5. I have never been engaged
6. I do not have any children
7. I have one sister who is 17 years older than me
8. No, SHE was the mistake
9. My parents were married 50 years, my sister and brother-in-law are going to be married 33 years in May
10.They have one son-Patrick
11. My sister and I are vegetarians
12. I have visited Canada, Barbados, Jamaica, Ireland, Belgium, France, and England but have also been in Italy and Puerto Rico, but only the airport
13.I have visited New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and California
14. I would like to live in Key West some day and be a bartender
15. I think it would be fun to be a Go-Go dancer and dance in a cage in a club
16. I have ridden but never driven a motorcycle
17. I've never flown in a helicopter
18. I don't own any jewelry from Tiffany's, but fully intend on changing that very soon!
19. I have never been in a really bad car accident
20. Have had fender benders and several speeding tickets
21. I actually had to go to driving school because of the amount of speeding tickets
22. I hope to never hit an animal on the road
23. ...or a person for that matter
24. My first car was a Honda Prelude-thus the speeding tickets
25. We used to pierce our Barbies ears with our earrings and make her and Ken "do it"
26. I wasn't allowed to get my ears pierced before I was 18
27. Guess what I did on my 18th birthday?
28. I used to try to get away with wearing make up when I was little
29. I used to wear this pair of really ugly, kelly green platform shoes-I thought I was da bomb!
30. I had my first kiss at a highschool football game-I was in 8th grade
31. The computer I have now is the first one I ever owned
32. I have never had a dog
33. I used to have fish when I was a kid
34. As a kid I remember going through the real Hershey's plant, now you can only go through Chocolate World
35. My first concert was The Osmonds
36. God, did I love Donnie!
37. I also used to love Andy Gibb, Shaun Cassidy and Richard Thomas (John-Boy Walton)...geez, that's embarrassing
38. I used to fake playing my instrument in marching band because I was too lazy to memorize the music
39. And one time at band camp...
40. I'm just kidding!
41. I didn't get drunk or do drugs until after highschool
42. I took my first trip to NYC when I was in highschool
43. I got to see Cats and A Chorus Line
44. I never cheated on a boyfriend
45. I have blue eyes
46. I take after my mom's mom
47. I was mischievous as a child, mainly out of boredom
48. I am a multi-tasker
49. I think I'm pretty organized
50. When I was a kid, I used to make prank phone calls to one of my neighbors, I didn't like her
51. My friend and I used to make lots of prank phone calls
52. I used to have a paper route
53. I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life
54. Sad, but true
55. I have only been to one class reunion...because there has only BEEN one!
56. This blog is my first experience with html
57. I love walking through cemeteries
58. I've often thought about being an undertaker because forensic pathology is just way too mathy I'm sure
59. People that don't know me often think I'm a snob
60. My eyes are what I get the most compliments on
61. My hair is the second thing I get the most compliments on
62. I have two cats
63. I had three until I had to put Abbie to sleep a few years ago
64. At one time my mom and dad had 11 cats
65. My favorite beach is still Ocean City, Maryland
66. I used to go fishing with my dad
67. Everything was o.k. until I would see a snake
68. I go to church almost every Sunday
69. I used to find Box Turtles in the woods and bring them home for a couple of days
70. And see, I didn't die of salmonella
71. I used to be a switchboard operator for a department store
72. I would have to make those announcements "Come to the Estee Lauder counter today for your complimentary trial size make up, yours with a purchase of $39.95"
73. Most of the time I would crack up laughing in the middle of the announcement and have to cut myself off
74. I love to listen to terribly sad music, read sad books and watch sad movies, you know, the one's that make you sob by the end
75. I do not plan on decorating for Christmas nor do I intend on sending Christmas cards (this is not normal for me) this year
76. I can play handbells
77. I can play the piano (a little)
78. I was never on an organized sports team
79. In highschool I discovered I could serve overhand when playing volleyball
80. I have no desire to travel to Japan or China
81. I would like to live on a farm
82. I get bored easily
83. I do not like to listen to myself talk
84. I have a secret crush on someone
85. I can be very critical of others
86. I'm very critical of myself
87. I swear too much
88. When I was a kid I really wanted to be a teacher
89. I would like to go to Wimbledon and the French Open
90. I saw Vitas Gerulaitis and John McEnroe play tennis
91. I saw Brooke Shields and Bernadette Peters on the street in New York
92. I saw Peter Horton on a film set in Santa Monica
93. I believe in ghosts, spirits, hauntings
94. I do not believe in UFO's
95. I have been bitten by a dog and a camel
96. I have had stitches 5 times
97. I have only had one broken bone
98. I have never stayed over night in a hospital
99. I like to learn new things
100. As long as no homework is involved


SnotSucker said...

Congrats!! Whew thats a lotta stuff. Hope those 100 things came easy to you ;)

InterstellarLass said...

Yay! Happy 100th Post! I used to make Barbie & Ken 'do it' too! :P And I can play handbells. And piano. And we have a couple of other things in common too! :D

Bone said...

Wow, I wanted to comment on about all of those, my fellow blue-eyed blogger. (If we had kids, I think there'd be like a good chance they'd have blue eyes.)

You saw Johnny Mac?! I'm sooo jealous. Never been to a tennis tournament. Would love to go to one.

"25. We used to pierce our Barbies ears with our earrings and make her and Ken do it"

Good night, John Boy.

Coyote Mike said...

Congrats on the 100, Carney. Am I the guy you have the secret crush on?

Turtle Guy said...

#37 caught my eye... shaun cassidy, hey? you thought some of your list was embarrassing? when i was growing up, all the kids in my neighbourhood my age were girls. to this day i have the complete shaun cassidy collection. Otherwise, your list is rather neat. It takes some time to put a list like that together, for sure!

interstellarlass & bone - you're nasty!

happy blogging, all!

michaelm said...

#50 really has me thinking. Did you tape any of these? They must be very funny.
#77 Is your piano little or do you play a little piano... ;)
Funny stuff!


Carnealian said...

Snot, I've been planning on doing this so I had some time to think about what I wanted to say, so it wasn't too difficult!

IL, I think it's a given, we're twins by different mothers!

Bone, certainly we would have lovely blue eyed children!

I loved Johnny Mac! I was so thrilled to see him. There was another tournament here recently: Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi and a couple of others. The hosts: Elton John and Billy Jean King!

Mike, yes, how'd you guess, you are my secret crush!

Turtle, I'm sorry you were subjected to the Shaun Cassidy craze! Thanks for stopping by!

Mike, no, we have proof of our obnoxious behavior...we used to to the usual, "is your refrigerator running ok", "do you have Prince Albert in a can"...stupid stuff.

P.S. The piano is regular sized, hee hee!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! i need to do a 100 things list, i guess i need to count how many posts i have first though.